Why BF2 for PC Will Outlive the Battlefield Series

Discussing and comparing Battlefield 2, which originated all the way back in 2005, versus the most recent, Battlefield 1 (WWI) which was released just last year, is not just a difficult comparison, but it’s also a difficult conversation. That is, for both new and experienced players alike, as die-hard battlefield fans both on PC and console would likely agree that since Battlefield 3 came out, a dramatic reduction in game enjoyment, appeal, and team-work functions have taken place. And, for those that enjoy an FPS reliant on team-work, larger maps, and the ability to effectively interact with squads, squad leaders, and a commander even the most recent, “Battlefield 1” leaves a lot to be desired.
For starters, when comparing Battlefield 2 to Battlefield 3 and its predecessors it’s worth noting that if you enjoyed having up to 7 various weapon kits, constant teamwork, feedback, and control of the map while working with your squads together to achieve a common mission then you’re best left back at BF2. And, a lot of EA DICE fans would agree that, unfortunately, given the timeline and gaming popularity to date, Battlefield 3 to Battle 1 (WWI) has continued it turns toward attempting to adapt to a Call Of Duty like experience or format.
Yet, with the newest, most recent “Battlefield 1” players are now stuck resorting to old-fashion world-war I weapons, mustard gas, a setup that a lot of “modern” battlefield players will likely be deterred by. So, the question remains, does EA DICE have what it takes, and will they actually apply the necessary changes to re-popularize the Battlefield Series?
Interestingly enough, online communities like Battlelog and Revive have taken part in literally ‘reviving’ the Battlefield 2 Game, Special Forces, and 2142 for gaming enthusiasts alike to enjoy together, in relatively populated servers. Ranging anywhere from a few hundred (BF2), to thousands if not tens of thousands of players (BF4), Battlefield communities remain quite active.
But, in the end, loyal players that have been with Battlefield since the beginning will likely remain reluctant to adapt to what they perceive to be “lowered standards”, and an attempt at pushing the series at an “independent successor” or Rambo-style gameplay experience.
That is, as most FPS (First Person Shooter) fans will always appreciate diverse, team-work oriented games online may they be on a console or PC. And, the features, tools, weapons, and team-setup of any Battlefield game will undoubtedly hold the highest value when it comes to game-play, desirability, and experience.
Therefore, BF2 will always go down in history as being one of, if not the best, most modern FPS game if rated on ‘realism’ and dedicated graphics to terrain, larger maps – and of course extensive modifications and newer layouts or features for those that enjoy them.
Likewise, BF2 will always still win the popularity contest for no only originality, but,also a quality layout, game design, and story plot both during its time, as well as the gaming competition today. And, if nothing, games from this era – as well as those playing the newer versions – will remain united and perhaps one day shift EA DICE back towards the more appealing, practical, and original qualities of the BF2 experience.

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