Why Die Hard Console Fans Are Going PC

When it comes down to it, there are a lot more games available – including ‘retro’ – and modifications for gaming using a PC than most players have ever, or will ever be able to experience using a console.
For starters, the “mods” that come out for both popular and old games, as well as the patches for older games no longer played – often free – is not something seen, or likely ever to be seen with console gaming. Also, something else that irritates a lot of gamers is that game-play, and in some rare cases even design and availability, will vary between consoles and popular games. Of course, this is not to deter from the very obvious reality that many PC games are free online to download, and even play with others – including relatively newer games. While consoles on the other hand, often find themselves limited in the games and versions released, dependent upon the console itself – thereby limiting its actual “lifespan” and value.
This can be both very frustrating and costly for gamers, so naturally, more are migrating towards PC’s and with good reason. Often, a gaming experience is not limited to the time of popularity – communities are more dedicated – and you won’t have to shell out $60.00 for the newest game. In fact, often, downloading a new hit game for PC is a fraction of the cost, or at least includes a substantial percentage difference – again saving you money in the long run.
While there is no doubt consoles have a more “personalized” feel when it comes to the gear it uses, it is very much so still limited to exactly that – less flexibility. And, in the case of PC’s this is anything but true. In fact, you have the ability to not only manipulate the type of computer you have, but, also the technology and operating system it uses. Also, if and when it needs to be repaired, you have the freedom of choosing where you take it to be repaired, when, and how.
Yet, when it comes to consoles you are restricted to only having it be repaired by them, and also often falling under their restrictions of use and a lack of freedom – which leads us to our next point. System modifications.
In general, modifying your PC can be quite practical, cost-effective, and even done by someone else for a fraction of the cost. In comparison, most consoles cannot – or will not be protected – if you modify it in any shape or form. This is frustrating. Also, with a PC you have the additional flexibility and customized experience of being able to choose not only what type, quality, and model or build mouse and keyboard you use, but, also exactly how they function. This is great, and again, not something you’ll ever see available with a console.
Lastly, the nearly unlimited storage – or quantifiably more affordable and even free storage in comparison to the hardly competitive internal storage restrictions and costs of most consoles. Let us not forget the consequences of the red ring of death, nor the value of ‘abandonware’ either when it comes to consoles.

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