Why Players Love Private Runescape Servers

As exciting as Runescape 3 might seem, and as undoubtedly unique as the EOC (Evolution of Combat) update was, RS3 leaves a lot to be desired for the average long-term Runescape player. That is, not only for OSRS (Old School Runescape) players, but, also long-time RS2 fans, and those that have converted to RS3. Though, in all fairness, thanks to the Old School Runescape server, those that wish to remain in a 2007 or so model and time-of-play, may do so. None the less, there is a lot of not only negative feedback about playing with the OSRS community, but, also complaints that its often neglected by Jagex as far as reports and concerns go – let alone (regular) updates of any sort.
That being said, these variables understandably make the popularity of Runescape Private Server what they are, and, to be completely fair there have been private Runescape servers in many cases for as long as the game itself (RS2).
None the less, Private Runescape Servers (Like Soulscape or Runique) provide OSRS players, and long-time fans alike the opportunity to typically enjoy the true 2007 model, ‘wildy’, and other common features which are missed – most namely the graphics in comparison to RS3. Additionally, the close-knit communities in combination with often the same individuals developing or holding the leadership of these sites undoubtedly contribute to their positive growth and reputation.
Perhaps best of all, RSPS (Runescape Private Servers) allow Runescape players to feel like they’re heard, and that they can positively impact or contribute to the game in a more hands-on way than in comparison to the original Runescape site or game (RS3) itself. These private servers also include a lot of the NPC’s (Non-Player Characters) you’ve come to know and love , quests, and have the original map layout which is a huge plus – and a sort of nostalgia that only a long-time player could appreciate. Not to mention, a lot of RSPS also attract newer (and younger) players, which can potentially pave the way for the next generation of OSRS players, as well as classic fans alike a place to commune and enjoy the game.
From the Gower brothers selling Jagex and Runescape off, to the major changes (graphics and gameplay in particular), a lot of players feel like Runescape has become more of a wannabe world of Warcraft, which is pretty upsetting. That is, especially considering how Runescape original gained it’s notoriety and was respected for its originality in being a more simple, medieval time-based MMORPG – not intense clan-wars like the game (which it has become). Sadly, and perhaps even more concerning, is that a lot of these clan-wars and group activity models are neglected by today’s Runescape players, which again takes us back to the value of RSPS.
A lot of Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) actually have dedicated days for playing classic Mini-Games like Pest Control and Castle Wars. And, it’s no secret that RS3, where it is today, took away not only the need, but also appeal to play these mini-games – as skilling can be done, much like most other objectives without the use of such co-operative game-play. Sadly, much like the Grand Exchange, which is also something a lot of RSPS don’t use as much as you’d think.

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